Welcome to our social action and campaigning page! This is a space for you to find out more about campaigning, tips on how to run a successful campaign, and others’ stories of campaigning and activism. If you want to share a campaign you are running with us then get in touch!

Gen Z campaigning toolkit

From April 2020-March 2022 Chilypep in partnership with Element Society ran a project called Gen Z: A Generation for Change, that was funded by the Act for Change fund. As part of this work our fabulous steering group created an online campaigning toolkit to support young people on their campaigning journeys. Check it out…


Activism series

In February and March 2021, the Gen Z steering group hosted an online “Activism Series” via Zoom for any young person, aged 13-25, to attend, to learn about campaigning and activism from experienced campaigners and activists. This was the idea of the Gen Z steering group, who said they hadn’t heard of activism before getting involved with Chilypep, so this would be a good way of introducing it to other young people and perhaps recruit them to the activism training.

Seven webinars took place, all related to topics that young people had identified as issues that matter to them. You can watch the full activism series below.

Mental health activism with Becks Batley

Activism series with Tashinga Matewe on Anti-Racism

Activism series with Polly Hallam on Climate Activism

Activism Series: Lily Grimshaw on Gender Equality

Activism Series: Bernard Davies on campaigning for youth spaces


Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns

To date we have trained 38 young people in campaigning through the Gen Z project and they’ve gone on to run a number of campaigns on key issues effecting young people:

Power Over Periods – a campaign tackling period poverty and stigma around menstruation

Queer Over Fear – a campaign to tackling LGBT+ discrimination and bullying in schools

Fair For Me – a campaign for more youth spaces in the community

ERA (End Racial Abuse) – a campaign for more, and better, education around racism and anti-blackness in schools.

Vegan school meals (campaign name tbc) – a campaign for it to become compulsory for schools to provide a vegan option for school meals

Young Yet Powerful – a campaign to lower the voting age to 16 in England

Stop the Bottle, Stop the Abuse – a campaign to raise awareness about the effect of parental alcohol/substance misuse on young people and families

Just Us – a campaign around body acceptance in young people