We support refugee, asylum seeking and newly arrived young people to form lasting friendships, integrate into their local communities, and provide opportunities for them to influence and shape services they use. ‘Happy Group’ also works collaboratively on campaigns to promote the rights of migrant young people both in Sheffield and beyond.

How can you join?

If you are a young person and you would like to come to Happy Group please contact one of our project workers:

-Marina Schirone – Project Worker  on 07519202792/marina.schirone@chilypep.org.uk

-Lucy Davies – Assistant Project Worker  on 07564583572/lucy.davies@chilypep.org.uk


If you are a parent, guardian or professional and you’d like to refer a young person to Happy Group please complete this online form.

Forming friendships and practicing English

Trying new activities and going on trips

Learning about Sheffield and the UK