The Youth Welfare Project forms part of Chilypep’s ongoing pastoral support for forcibly displaced
young person’s seeking asylum and/or with refugee status. We aim to help these young people
navigate through the UK asylum system, signpost to additional services, connect them with social
and community events and organisations and support them to access their entitlements, resolve
simple needs, and provide basic support with emotional wellbeing and mental health.

The Youth Welfare Team is intended to act as a stable and reliable point of contact for clients based
within Initial Accommodation Centres. This project aims to support YPs aged 18-25 through the
provision of a wellbeing focused youth group, as well as support in resolving practical and immediate
needs. This support varies according to the client, from referrals to specialist organisations (e.g.
trafficking/exploitation), accompanied referrals to sporting, cultural, or arts organisations, to support
engaging with their asylum claim and navigating the complex asylum system, while also providing the
mental wellbeing they need and creative activities they can easily engage with.

This project is funded by Migrant Help, and the Youth Welfare Sheffield project forms part of a
consortium of charity organisations delivering this support to clients in London, Cardiff/Swansea,

Please find below a referral form (online version in English only, translations in
Arabic/Tigrinya/Kurdish Sorani/Farsi/Pashto available on request). Completing this form helps us to
understand individual needs so we can offer tailored support to individual clients.


For enquiries please contact:

Aidan Mascarenhas-Keyes on 07816086840/

Marina Schirone on 07519202792/

Lucy Davies 07564583572