What we are about…

The RUBIC² (Respect and Understanding; Building Inclusive Communities) project helps young refugees, new arrivals and school students to live harmoniously together, with greater understanding and respect for each other and the communities in which they live. It helps new arrivals settle in and support one other, and it encourages local people to discuss their concerns in an open, safe and inclusive environment. By engaging with people who have been in Sheffield all their lives as well as more recent arrivals, the project aims to increase understanding and create more resilient communities.

How to join us!

Young people can take part in several ways: those who are new arrivals can take part in our Happy Group, a support and participation group, and in addition they and other young people can get training and support to become Young Community Leaders and help us to promote cohesion and understanding across S4 and S5.

Young people can self refer to Happy Group by contacting Anna Graham by phone or text 07469 660820 or you can email anna.graham@chilypep.org.uk .

We also take referrals from other organisations who support new arrivals, and we are going to be doing a lot of work in schools, communities and in partnership with other projects across S4 and S5 that will mean you can get involved at any point until our funding ends in 2024.

For more information about RUBIC² please contact Aidan, RUBIC² Project Coordinator: aidan.mascarenhas-keyes@chilypep.org.uk



Training young people in leadership & campaigning

Celebrating the communities we work with

Peer support for asylum seeking & refugee young people