What we are about…

The RUBIC² (Respect and Understanding; Building Inclusive Communities) project aims to empower communities and individuals to address and challenge barriers that undermines the development of cohesive and inclusive communities.

What does ‘community’ mean to you?

Through safe space dialogues and community mediation, we work with young people and adults from newly arrived and more established communities to affect change.  Together, we discuss and listen to local issues and raise awareness of the lived experiences of refugees and asylum seekers to increase understanding.   We recognise the importance of participation and influencing at a grassroots level, encouraging those involved to engage with power holders to foster positive change in their own communities.

Happy Group

We support refugee, asylum seeking and newly arrived young people to form lasting friendships, integrate into their local communities, and provide opportunities for them to influence and shape services they use.  ‘Happy Group’ also works collaboratively on campaigns to promote the rights of migrant young people both in Sheffield and beyond. Young people can self refer to Happy Group by contacting Aidan Mascarenhas-Keyes on Aidan.Mascarenhas-Keyes@chilypep.org.uk or on 07816 086840. Parents/carers/guardians and professionals can refer young people via this online form.

Our involvement in schools and the wider community

By working alongside schools, community groups, local businesses, voluntary and statutory agencies and through the establishment of our integrated network of Young Community Leaders and Community Guardians, we help to grow partnerships, complement existing provisions, and identify where the RUBIC² model can best be applied, ensuring community voices are heard and acted upon. As a part of this we provide training and support to represent the views of local people and identify key issues, and collectively develop ideas to help tackle these. We then support and encourage them to take the next steps to make their vision of ‘community’ a reality.

For more information about RUBIC² please contact Aidan, RUBIC² Project Coordinator: info@chilypep.org.uk




Training young people in leadership & campaigning

Celebrating the communities we work with

Peer support for asylum seeking & refugee young people