This space is dedicated to raising awareness of local and world issues, opening up discussion on things that young people are telling us matter to them; a space for young people to reflect on what’s going on around them and how they can shape their own world.

Black Lives Matter

Following the death of George Floyd in May 2020, and the Black Lives Matter movement picking up around this time as an outcry of his death and a long standing history of structural violence against people of colour, young people from Chilypep wanted to show their solidarity with the movement. Chilypep held safe space conversations for staff and young people to explore their thoughts and feelings around this issue, and young people came up with books, podcasts and film lists that they promoted out to educate themselves and others on racial discrimination. You can check out some of their recommendations below.

Pride – celebrating LGBTQ+ communities around the world

In June 2020 young people we worked with wanted to join in celebrating Pride and standing in solidarity with LGBTQ+ communities across the world. We held virtual Pride events with young people from Chilypep, and young people themselves developed awareness raising materials to reduce stigma, speak out about the discrimination still faced by LBGTQ+ communities, and importantly to celebrate the LGBQT+ community. You can find some of our young people’s film, book, and series recommendations below…

Chilypep welcomes asylum seekers & refugees

Back in August 2020, Chilypep put out a number of posts raising awareness of the fact that everyone has a right to seek asylum, and should be treated with kindness and dignity. Following an increase in media coverage around asylum seekers and refugees reaching the UK via the English Channel, there were sadly many hostile comments being made across social media and in public conversations and we felt it important to challenge these.

Chilypep stands in support and solidarity with individuals fleeing persecution, war or violence around the world and seeking safety elsewhere. We recognise that every person has the right to seek asylum. Our organisation is built on promoting the rights of young people and our core values are around equality, respect and kindness. We are proud to work with young refugees and newly arrived young people and adults through our projects, and we are fully committed to supporting individuals when they arrive in the UK.


If you are a young person wanting to campaign on local and world issues that affect you, why not explore our campaigns page, or get involved in one of our many social action projects!