A Generation for Change is a youth activism project led by us at Chilypep alongside our friends at Element Society, and is funded by the Act for Change fund.

What we hope to achieve…

We want young people and their communities to benefit from youth-led campaigns that challenge social injustice and inequality

To help achieve this we are supporting young people (aged 11-25) to:

  • Develop their leadership and campaigning skills
  • Build their confidence and networks
  • Lead their own campaigns that bring about social change

We currently have a group of young people taking part in 12 weeks of activism training with us, after which they will be supported to run their own campaigns. We will also work with them to set up a youth-led ‘social action studio’ where young people can come together to work on their campaigns.

How to get involved

Unfortunately this project has now ended, but if you want to get involved in something across Chilypep email info@chilypep.org.uk and we can let you know what projects we currently have running!


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