We are sorry to say that the Support Fund is now closed until further funding is secured. If you need support with the cost of living crisis please visit: https://chilypep.org.uk/cost-of-living-resources-and-support/

What was the support fund?

The support fund formed Chilypep’s pandemic response. We knew that the effects of the pandemic were really tough and for many young people had a huge impact on their finances. That’s why we created the Young Person’s Emergency Fund in response to the COVID crisis! The support fund was of benefit to young people across Sheffield and Barnsley, and following the pandemic Barnsley commissioners continued to support us with this, giving us funding to continue the fund and to support young people with wellbeing items across Barnsley. Unfortunately the Support Fund is no longer funded but we hope to fundraise to set something similar up again in future!

These are just some of the types of things we funded:




Learning Resources



Wellbeing items


...and more

Fill in the application form (link at the bottom of this page!) and our panel will let you know if we can help

We understood that written applications may not always be accessible and can be difficult, so we made applications flexible, allowing young people the option to create a video or mood-board to express yourself in a different way.