Whether you are a young person wanting to campaign around mental health, feel you need a little support with your own emotional wellbeing, or are looking for tips on looking after your own  mental health there is lots for you to explore through this page…

Our mental health influencing work…

Chilypep has been working with young people with lived experience around their mental health to influence and shape services and support for other young people for over ten years!

STAMP (Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate) is our Sheffield based mental health influencing group. The group is for young people aged 13-25 to come together and run their own campaigns around mental health. They work very closely with Sheffield CCG (who decide what services need to be in place for young people) to help shape services in the City, and also with Sheffield CAMHS to help improve how the service works with young people. To find out more contacts Becks, rebecca.batley@chilypep.org.uk and find out more about STAMP here.

Our Barnsley Young Commissioners meet are currently being trained to mirror the work that adult commissioners do across Barnsley, helping to design what mental health provision for young people in the town needs to look and be like! They work very closely with Barnsley CCG, the Council and other services across Barnsley to help shape service design and development. For more information and to get involved contact Chan, chantelle.parke@chilypep.org.uk and find out more about the group here.

To find more local services in Sheffield and Barnsley working around youth mental health, check out the directories below!

Sheffield Mental Health Guide

Open Up Barnsley Directory of Services 2020


“STAMP enables us to improve mental health services all around Sheffield, through our own experiences of using services ourselves. By sharing our experiences we hope to help others have better and improved experiences of services themselves.” STAMP member