My Mind, My Life! is a project for Children and Young People aged 11 to 17 in Sheffield who have been referred to CAMHS. It is run by Chilypep, and is funded by the council and health authority. The My Mind, My Life! project workers meet young people on a 1-1 basis to explore what is going on for them. It gives young people the chance to think about and decide for themselves what goals they would like to make to help feel better and enjoy life more. This could be anything from getting out and about more, learning a new skill or making new friends.

To be able to take part young people must have an identified mental health need and be one of the following:

  • Be on the MAPS or CAMHS waiting list
  • Is attending MAPS or CAMHS (had an assessment or having treatment)
  • A worker has consulted with a MAPS or CAMHS professional and they have agreed to make a referral to the project

If you would like to find out if this is something you could be involved in, please get in touch with Amy on: 07971 759212 /