Keely Hardy

Project Worker

Pronouns: She/Her

I am a qualified youth worker with a vast experience of youth empowerment and participation work. I am dedicated, passionate and still (after all these years!) enthusiastic about making change. I believe that young people need to be heard, understood and empowered. After some time away from Chilypep I am thrilled to be back delivering and working alongside young people to identify the barriers that young people face in the central area of Barnsley, supporting them in accessing the opportunities that are currently available, and working alongside multi agencies to ensure a sustainable project to consult with young people and organisations about how they participate and engage young people in relation to employment, training, or skills.

My favourite thing about working at Chilypep is the amazing wonders of the family vibe, the passion, the commitment, and dedication of a driven team.

I enjoy campfires and social chill time, yoga and standing on my head when the going gets tough and grounding myself whilst motivating others to be amazing.