Connections encompasses a lot of our online work including the support fund, events, activities, website content, design and social media output. We have a young people’s steering group that has worked to set up how the support fund works, as well as what activities we could offer and how we design those activity sessions. The group also co-create / advise on any design work for the website and social media platforms. Moving forward they will be continuing to make young people’s voices heard on our up-coming activities schedule, support fund decisions, fundraising and design.


When we meet…

We meet on the third Thursday of every month, over Zoom 5-6:30pm so member from Barnsley and Sheffield can easily be involved.

What group members gained from being involved…

‘I’ve learnt skills and knowledge about the changing world and how my decisions do make a difference’

‘You’re able to express your views without being judged, make new friends and help others.’

We want to have young people’s voice at the forefront in everything from concepts, decision making and design. We have set up a young people’s support fund that hopes to continue supporting young people with their wellbeing and we want to create a diverse and exciting range of events that young people can take part in.

How can I join?

Unfortunately this project has now ended, but if you want to get involved in something across Chilypep email and we can let you know what projects we currently have running!

What if I don’t live in South Yorkshire?

If you can’t join the steering group, you can come along to our online events and get involved on social media. If you don’t live in South Yorkshire you can also look for local charities near you that involve youth voice and see how you can be part of what they do.

Setting up and co-running the young people's support fund.

Co-produced activity sessions for all young people.

Fundraising for Chilypep