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Understanding Community and Cohesion.

This session aims to explore the various different communities that individuals can be part of, and how this shapes both personal and collective identity. Participants will work collaboratively to map the resources needed in order to facilitate and maintain positive cohesion in a community.

Raising Awareness of Migration.

This session aims to raise awareness about the process of seeking asylum in the UK, and the key differences between people who migrate. Specifically, attendees will develop an understanding of the rights afforded to those both with refugee status, and what it means to be awaiting a decision on a claim. With increased knowledge, established community members will be better equipped to offer support to newly arrived people living in their area and feel empowered to foster positive and inclusive attitudes, through dismantling misinformation often perpetuated in the media.

Social and Political Change.

Through examining impactful moments of social change and activism throughout history, together as a group we will consider ways to campaign to make a difference. Through open dialogue and consultation, the session will allow attendees to identify issues that matter most to them, and practice utilising creative campaigning methods to affect change. Also during the hour, we will explore how social action and advocacy may take shape from within the community by engaging with real world examples of grassroots activism, and consider ways in which those in power can be held to account.

Critical Thinking & Effective Problem Solving.

This workshop will focus on making abstract ideas easy to understand and unpack. We aim to foster an understanding amongst participants of the importance of collaboration and working together to tackle problems. We will also tackle philosophical topics in an accessible way in this session, through engaging and interactive tasks specifically designed to improve critical thinking skills and how they can be applied to the community.

Challenging Perceptions & Creating Counter Narratives. 

To explore the concept of negative perceptions toward marginalised communities and individuals, with the aim of understanding why these may be harmful. In response, we will devise counter narratives to challenge reductive perceptions. This session is creatively led, in order to break down and simplify otherwise complex and ideological topics.

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