Marina Schirone

RUBIC² Youth Welfare Project Officer

I am the Youth Welfare Project Officer for the Youth Welfare Project within Chilypep, supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) and young adult refugees (18-25), and for the “Happy Group” RUBIC2 delivery project, aiming to support underage children with creative activities and empowerment. Meeting at a safe and protected space (City of Sanctuary Sheffield) they can make new friends, reduce isolation, build confidence, and actively regain control of their lives, becoming active change-makers and owning their voices.

I have been working as a Cultural Mediator, Interpreter and Caseworker at one of the largest reception centres for asylum seekers and refugees in Italy, for over 10 years, and I have since been committed to supporting forcibly displaced people and vulnerable young girls and boys, helping them to feel safe and live with dignity.

My MA in Applied Human Rights has reignited the fire for advocacy and policy change, standing up for the voiceless, becoming an actor of change, facilitating talks about lived experience, diversity and inclusion, removing all the barriers preventing forcibly displaced people from exerting their human rights.

I am very proud to be part of an organisation that puts its heart into everything they do for the young people it helps and supports, and I am so grateful and blessed I got to work with such an amazing staff who have made me feel at home from day 1!

I am passionate about art in all its many declinations, French and Russian literature, all music – from Mozart to Pink Floyd – cinema, Mediterranean food and the sea! I am a serious chocolate connoisseur and love to always taste new kinds. But most of all, I love spending my time with my amazing daughter and our two sweet cuddly cats – Grace and Jewel! We hope a nice little doggy will soon join the duo!