Secret Sanctuaries

Secret Sanctuaries is a partnership with The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust that aims to connect young people with undiscovered green spaces around them.

Working with young people across North Sheffield, Chilypep and The Wildlife Trust have been discovering their local unused green spaces and making them young person friendly. These are being signposted as ‘Secret Sanctuaries’ in their communities.

Studies show that time spent outdoors and in nature have a positive effect on emotional health and wellbeing, That’s why we’re working on this project to increase and improve young people’s awareness of the areas in their local community that can provide them with a safe, peaceful and mindful place to read, think, play or meditate.

The project aims to engage young people ages 11-25 with local outdoor heritage in North Sheffield and will run until August 2017.

You can discover all of our Secret Sanctuaries Sites here.

You can download the Secret Sanctuaries Project Evaluation report here.

Project Exhibition

We hosted an exhibition to showcase the work our Secret Sanctuaries group have done as well as share photography and stories from our Secret Sanctuaries sites. 

We want to improve young people's awareness of these beautiful green areas in their communities with this exhibition and encourage them to visit the sites. 

The Thinking Fox Virtual Reality Secret Sanctuary

We’re excited to announce that, for young people struggling to make it outdoors or unable to travel to our Secret Sanctuaries, we are launching a virtual reality experience of our site at Foxhill Park ‘The Thinking Fox.’ This will enable anyone with a wifi connection and a smartphone to virtually ‘visit’ the site in 360 degree vision, from anywhere.

We know that some days it's not easy to get outside. That's why we've launched the Secret Sanctuary virtual reality site to help bring the peace and quiet of nature to young people no matter where they are. To view the video make sure your smartphone has your gyroscope turned on in your phone's settings, play the video and look around like you normally would outside! For the best experience watch the video with a VR headset like Google Cardboard.